A downloadable game for Windows

Take care of your own little Bunnykin!

Whether it's food, cleanliness or entertainment, your Bunnykin relies completely on you! If you provide your bunnykin with a diverse diet, a clean meadow and some fun via several minigames, it shall "grow and thrive under the player's care." (Hope - Toronto, Canada)

You might ask yourself, who Hope is. Well, she is the lovely girl, who provided us with this beautiful idea! My Bunnykin has been developed over a weekend (aside from some minor touch ups) during the games on demand jam. GoD provides the game developers with ideas of children, who are suffering from severe illnesses and currently stationed at hospitals in Toronto. 

To you children: We wish you all the best! May you never loose the fun in playing games!!! <3

Install instructions

Windows: Download the .zip folder of your desired build and unpack it.


My-Bunnykin-GODx64 0.1.0.zip 23 MB


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